Foreword by Dominic Schroeder, British Ambassador to Denmark

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Dominic Schroeder _HIGH RES_photoI am delighted to welcome you to this guide to doing business in Denmark – a country which is extremely UK receptive and offers first time exporters a stable, reliable market to start their international commercial activities.

Denmark is a wealthy and open economy. Danes are well educated and sophisticated buyers with a good reputation for paying suppliers on time. Doing business in Denmark is very similar to doing business in the UK. If your product or service is successful in the UK, there’s a good chance you’ll be successful in Denmark.

Denmark is also a commercial gateway. It offers easy access to the growing northern European markets of the Nordics as well as Germany, Poland and the Baltics. It is a regional hub with excellent, high quality air, rail and road networks. English is very widely spoken and there is great affection for the UK.

UK exports to Denmark are growing with over £5.4billion of goods and services exported in 2015. Sectors which offer particular opportunity for British companies are infrastructure, rail, healthcare, defence and last, but by no means least, British food and drink.

The British service sector is experiencing strong growth in Denmark and now accounts for almost 60% of the total UK exports. Professional services in areas such as insurance, shipping, legal, travel, advisory, engineering, architecture and financial services are all growing.

Greenland and the Faroe Islands are also a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. They are not part of the EU and do have their own systems of government, law and taxation which mean differences in employment and importing goods. The Faroes Islands offer opportunities in food stuffs and energy and opportunities in minerals and mining in Greenland’s arctic vastness are developing.

Helping British companies develop business opportunities in Denmark and supporting those companies which are already here, will remain a top priority for me and the team from the Department of International Trade based at the British Embassy in Copenhagen.

I hope you will find this guide useful and a dependable platform for identifying opportunity in Denmark. We would be pleased to support you in doing business in Denmark.


Dominic Schroeder
British Ambassador to Denmark


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