Sadolin & Albæk Corporate Solutions

Whether your company has too much or too little space, is considering relocating or perhaps building your own domicile, think that your rent is too high, or that your areas are not optimised, we have the expertise to guide you.

In Sadolin & Albæk Corporate Solutions, we offer unbiased tenant advisory for you and your company. We cover the whole range from strategic consultancy at top level to actual search assignments and contract negotiations. Our overall focus is to ensure that your business have premises of the right size, right price and right location.

In Sadolin & Albæk Corporate Solutions, we work closely with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), who is one of the biggest and most professional real estate consultancies globally. As JLL’s exclusive partner in Denmark, we assist global clients, and at the same time our Danish clients benefit from the cooperation, if they are to expand, relocate or are considering their location abroad. Our cooperation with JLL ensures quality and consistency – for Danish clients abroad as well as for international clients in Denmark.

Both nationally and internationally, we use detailed analysis based on extensive experience and data to ensure that we, in cooperation with our clients, can identify the specific needs and wants for space and location. Our target is to achieve significant savings and at the same time increase the quality of the premises for employees and clients.

Sadolin & Albæk Corporate Solutions is part of Sadolin & Albæk A/S – a market leading commercial property adviser and agent.


Among other things, Sadolin & Albæk Corporate Solutions can help you with:

Black Tick 15x 14px Portfolio health check
We offer a qualified and unbiased valuation of your premises as well as an insight into any opportunities for optimisation or savings. Our forensic analysis also reveals hidden threats and other risks.

A health check of your lease portfolio can be very financially rewarding, whether you have 3 or 30 leases. Maybe some of the premises are too big, or we can identify an opportunity to negotiate the lease or other obligations with the landlord. Or perhaps some of your offices can be merged or otherwise optimised. 


  • Deliver market evaluations of lease agreements

  • Define area requirements and compare lease premises and actual requirements

  • Renegotiate lease termsSACS Pic2

As client you achieve…

  • Strategic assessment of property in question

  • Well-substantiated comparables and prognoses

  • Competitive lease terms and conditions

  • An ideal platform for portfolio management

Black Tick 15x 14px Tenant representation
If you are looking for a new corporate lease, we assist you through the process as unbiased, independent counsellors. We advise you both when you are moving into your new lease, and when you are moving out of your old lease, or in other lease-related matters.

From the moment you consider your current commitment, we assist you in identifying your needs for future premises, as well as search and select the best suited leases all the way to negotiating a lease contract and determining fit-out. And when your new lease or domicile is ready to move into, we negotiate a fair surrender and hand-back agreement with your current landlord. 


As client you achieve...


Black Tick 15x 14px Portfolio management
We provide you with a comprehensive overview, projections and task-timing for your lease portfolio.

When we manage your lease portfolio, you get a useful and tangible overview. We collect data in an easily accessible and transparent system, and identify what to react on, where and when. So you no longer miss out on obvious opportunities for renegotiations, savings etc. 


As client you achieve...


Black Tick 15x 14px Sale and lease back
We guide you through the process from valuation and negotiation of lease terms, to the sale to an investor.

If you own property, but wish to free-up financial resources, a sale-and-lease back can be the solution. The domicile is sold to an investor, who then leases it back to you. This way, you keep control of the space, but avoid tied-up capital in the property.


As client you achieve...


Black Tick 15x 14px Client advisory
SACS provides strategic advisory on all levels when corporations need to rethink their lease.

We provide guidance based on substantial experience from the landlord’s side of the table to warrant that the quality of fit-out plans, technical installations and area usage all meet the needs.

SACS assists companies in making sure that all technical aspects of the contract are fulfilled and ensures a constant focus on landlord deliverables.


As client you achieve…

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