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Sheltons – who are we?

Sheltons is a highly professional and well-established independent accounting, advisory, and educational firm - working exclusively with internationally operating businesses.

We have offices in Australia, Denmark, Malta and (soon) the United Kingdom.

Sheltons was established by Ned Shelton in 1994. Since the early days, Sheltons has delivered quality services to international clients, covering accounting, taxation, administration, law and general business advice; since 1997 we have conducted conferences and courses on international tax throughout the world – and we have just launched a specialist international expat relocation service.

Our primary services can be summarised as follows.

  • Accounting and business advisory services: Services cover from basic payroll administration and bookkeeping to advanced accounting, preparing full annual reports and providing business advice.

  • Tax services: We have extensive experience providing local advice, multi-jurisdictional tax advice and advice on tax treaty issues and cross-border tax efficient structuring.

  • International expat relocation services: We assist the employer with the relocation of their valuable staff.

  • International Tax Training: Sheltons-SITTI delivers a variety of international taxation courses on an ‘in-house’ as well as an ‘open’ course basis - in locations throughout the world

Sheltons Denmark – our UK focus

We have a very strong focus on UK-based businesses operating in Denmark. This has been a major influence in our decision to open an office in London. The London office will be established in the second half of 2016.

We are a multinational team including individuals from Denmark, the UK and elsewhere. Andrew Woods, who has headed up Sheltons Denmark for over three years, is himself originally from the UK.

For a Danish firm we at Sheltons Denmark are very familiar with the UK, from the tax and company law aspects through to business knowledge, business culture, history, geography and politics.

We are very frequently in the UK, visiting clients and potential clients in all parts of the UK.

Our independence

We refuse to become a member of any accounting firm network, and indeed have not been a member of any such network since 1997. This facilitates a smooth and stress-free working relationship with our UK-based clients’ accountants.

Sheltons Denmark – our focus and our size, and our efficiency

We are a small, independent firm, with more than 20 years’ experience working only with internationally operating businesses – indeed working exclusively with inbound investors into Denmark. Accordingly, we are able to deliver quality services exceptionally efficiently.

Sheltons Denmark – our services

Sheltons Denmark focuses on providing a wide range of highly professional accounting, tax, administration, business advisory and expat relocation services to foreign companies doing business in or with Denmark, and to individuals moving to Denmark.

Our primary services are outlined below.

  • Accounting services and business advice

  • Full range of tax consulting and compliance services, from extensive advice on complex international tax issues to the preparation of tax returns for staff

  • VAT advice and administration

  • Company law advice and company secretarial services

  • Expat relocation services, covering from assisting with visas, opening bank accounts and finding accommodation through to advising on and recommending Danish language courses, cultural groups and schools

  • Payroll services including tax advice to employers and employees

  • Employment law, visas and related

  • Permanent establishment issues, taxation of employees, responsibilities as employer, the need to register a branch, etc.

  • Registration of branches of foreign companies in Denmark as well as subsidiaries

  • Periodic bookkeeping and financial reporting

  • Year-end compliance and reporting under IFRS or Local GAAP.

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Case studies - examples of how we assist clients

Client example 1
UK-based client (consulting engineers) sought advice regarding Danish

We provided the initial advice on the employee-taxation issues and whether the UK company would have a taxable permanent establishment in Denmark.

We provide on-going salary administration and ad-hoc advice on employee taxation issues.

Client example 2
German publicly listed software company; produce and selling software for the insurance industry

Client example 3
UK-based client was interested in incorporating a Danish entity in relation to IT support for a large Danish company

Client example 4
European publicly listed client in the finance and banking sector, with subsidiaries in over 20 countries

Client example 5
North American client in the construction industry, specialising in the development of luxury recreational resorts


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