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[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)/]


Infrastructure and engineering

Denmark currently has extensive opportunities within construction, engineering and transportation. These include:

  • £2.5 billion High Value Opportunity (HVO) for the Femern Tunnel link to Germany

  • one of the largest rail renovation projects in Europe, running until 2020

Contact Mark Chapman: for more information on infrastructure and engineering opportunities.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)/]


Cleantech and energy

Denmark is the world leader in Cleantech and low carbon-related industries. Danish companies control one third of the global wind market and are the world leaders in supply chain technologies to the wind industry.

Danish investment in UK wind energy offers engineering and technology opportunities within:

  • composites

  • nacelle components shipping and installation

  • fabrication

  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

The Danish oil & gas industry is also expanding. Around £4 billion is being spent in the North Sea, in both UK and Danish waters. Opportunities lie in all areas of offshore Exploration and Production (E&P) activities including:

  • engineering

  • fabrication

  • consulting

  • crewing

  • shipping

Contact Tommy Hansen:, for more information on opportunities in the cleantech and energy sectors in Denmark.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)/]


Healthcare and the United Nations

Denmark currently has one of the largest hospital infrastructure projects in Europe. An estimated £4.5 billion will be spent from 2013 to 2020 on new super hospitals countrywide.

Opportunities exist within:

  • construction and infrastructure

  • design

  • medical devices

  • telemedicine

  • general hospital equipment

Copenhagen is now the United Nations (UN) second most important procurement centre outside of Geneva. Major UN agencies taking around £3 billion of decisions include:

The main areas of procurement are for:

  • medicines

  • emergency equipment

  • medical devices

  • water and sanitation

Contact Daniel Elliot:, for more information on opportunities in the healthcare and UN operations sectors in Denmark.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)/]


Defence and security

Denmark has growing defence and security interests. Export opportunities are available in all areas of military hardware and software. There is an increasing interest in:

  • cyber security

  • outsourcing of military logistics and management

Contact the UK Government’s Export Control Organisation (ECO) to check your goods are meeting legal requirements for export, at:

Contact Hans Monberg: for more information on defence and security opportunities in Denmark.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)/]


Other sectors

Other sectors offering promising opportunities for UK companies include:

  • Information Communications Technology (ICT)

  • professional services

  • food and drink

  • consumer goods

Contact Carrie Phillips:, or Joanne Ganthier:, for more information.

[Source: Department for International Trade (DIT)/]


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